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Forms Included in Package
Form Name   Description   Pages   Type   PDF
Agile Iteration Retrospective   An Agile retrospective is a meeting that's held at the end of an iteration. The process of retrospecting is at the heart of Scrum. During the retrospective review, the team reflects on what transpired during the iteration and identifies actions for improvement going forward.   1   Word Document   Agile Iteration Retrospective
Agile Planning Poker Companion   The Planning Poker Companion is a method for estimating story points for user stories accomplished by entering values provided by the Agile Team with four optional methods for capturing and displaying results: Fibonacci Series, Numeric Series, Hours Approximation and Days Approximation.   2   Word Document   Agile Planning Poker Companion
Agile Project Charter   The Project Charter is developed early in the project lifecycle and clearly sets the stage by aligning the team and stakeholders by setting goals and expectations.   1   Word Document   Agile Project Charter
Agile Project Data Sheet   A Project Data Sheet (PDS) is in terms of scope, schedule and resources, how a project will deliver on a Vision Statement, and is a single summary of key business and quality objectives.   1   Word Document   Agile Project Data Sheet
Agile Release Plan   A Release Plan communicates, to the level of accuracy that is reasonable, when the release will be available, what features will be in the release, and what user stories are included in the release.   1   Word Document   Agile Release Plan
Agile Risk Management Register   The Risk Management Register provides a vehicle for recording potential risks on a project, by recording, as a minimum, a brief explanation of the risk, the proposed mitigating strategy, the probability of the risk, size of loss (in days), and risk exposure (in days), actions needed to resolve the risk, and the current status.   1   Word Document   Agile Risk Management Register
Agile Story Points Allocation   A user story is a particular business need assigned to the software development team. Using estimations of story points rather than time allows development teams to be less precise where a story point is a metric used to estimate the difficulty of implementing a given story.   1   Word Document   Agile Story Points Allocation
Agile Theme Epic Structure Excel   The Theme / Epic Structure provides the ability to graphically identify a hierarchy of an optional high level theme and /or epic and depicts the user stories within that hierarchy.   1   Word Document   Agile Theme Epic Structure Excel
Agile Theme Epic Structure Visio   The Theme / Epic Structure provides the ability to graphically identify a hierarchy of an optional high level theme and /or epic and depicts the user stories within that hierarchy.   1   Word Document   Agile Theme Epic Structure Visio
Agile Vision Statement   The Vision Statement identifies a future state for the product when the product reaches completion. The vision focuses on the conditions and defines the stakeholder's view of the product/service to be developed, specified in non-technical terms defining the stakeholder's key needs and features.   1   Word Document   Agile Vision Statement

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